The Grand Budapest Hotel is a film of great renown by director Wes Anderson, released in 2014. The film received awards at the Berlin Film Festival and the Oscars.
The Grand Budapest Hotel gives its name to the film and has since retained an iconic status. Everyone remembers the striking visual on the poster for this beautiful film.
But where is the hotel? Is it only constructed decor from scratch?

The film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, tells the story of Mr. Gustave (played by English actor Ralph Fiennes), the concierge who is training his new assistant, Zero Mustapha.
Taking place in the twentieth century between the two world wars in the imaginary Republic of Zubrowka, the plot focuses on a legacy battle between Gustave and the hotel heirs.

Check out the trailer of The Grand Budapest Hotel on this link.

Does the Grand Budapest Hotel really exist?

The Grand Budapest Hotel with its famous pink façade is not a studio-built movie set. The building exists; but it is not a hotel, it is an old department store from 1912.

Where is the Grand Budapest Hotel ?

Unfortunately, the”hotel” is not located in Budapest.
The former department store that served as the stage set is located in Germany in the city of Görlitz. It is found inthe eastern portion of the country that borders Poland and is also close to the border of the Czech Republic.
Director Wes Anderson and his production designer discovered its huge atrium, balconies, chandeliers and Art Deco decorations, deeming it the perfect place for their vision of the film.
For the exterior shots, the director used a model 3 meters high and 4 meters wide.

The influence of The Grand Budapest Hotel:

Production designer, Adam Stockhausen, and director, Wes Anderson, sought inspiration for their hotel across Europe, including Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. Among the main sources of inspiration are the following hotels:

  • The Bristol Palace Hotel and its pink facade in the Czech Republic in the city of Karlovy Vary. Website on this link.
The Bristol Palace Hotel
@ wikipedia
  • Grand hotel Pupp in the Czech Republic in the spa town of Karlovy Vary.
    Website on this link.
  • The Gellért Hotel in Budapest, Hungary.
    Website on this link.
Hotel gellért Budapest
@ wikipedia

The fabulous decoration work on the film was awarded an Oscar for Best Decoration in 2015.

Behind the scenes

Discover now how Wes Anderson and his production manager, Adam Stockhausen, created the magic of this movie in this video:

Find this architectural style in Budapest:

The Grand Budapest Hotel is not located in Budapest, but you can visit two Art Deco hotels in the Hungarian capital that will remind you of the architecture and atmosphere of the film.

  • The hotel Gellért located on the Buda side (address: Szent Gellért tér 2, Budapest 1114, – map -) is noted for its famous thermal baths.
    (Full information is found in our article, ‘The best baths of Budapest’, on this link).
  • The Gresham Palace Four Seasons hotel located in the Pest side city center is renown for its amazing Art Deco architecture (address: Széchenyi István tér 5, Budapest 1051, – map -).

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