Budapest is a music-loving city that offers the opportunity to attend many performances of classical music, opera and ballets of great quality. Here is our selection of Budapest concerts and opera:


budapest basilica

In the center of Pest enjoy an organ or a classical music concert in St. Stephen’s Basilica, one of the most beautiful neo-classical buildings in Budapest. Take your pick from 3 concerts, each with 4 seating classes, to tailor your experience to your taste and budget.
Concert every Sunday and Tuesday at 8:00 pm

Duration: about 70 minutes. Information on Classical Music Concerts in St Stephen’s Basilica
and tickets – click here

Address: St. Stephen’s Basilica, Szent István ter 1, 5th district, Pest – map
Discover a video of the beautiful St. Stephen’s basilica on this link.


Liszt academy of music budapest

The Liszt Academy of Music is a jewel for its unique architecture and classical concerts. Located in the center of Pest on the Liszt Ferenc Square, it is one of our favorites and a unique experience even if you are not a music lover. (Tickets from 12 euros for some concerts). The Liszt Academy of Music has several concert halls, so check that your concert is in the ‘Great Hall’ (the one shown in the photo).

For information and tickets – click here

Address: Liszt Academy of Music, Liszt Ferenc ter 8, 6th district, Pest – plan
Discover the beautiful Budapest Academy of Music in video on this link.

PALACE OF ARTS MUPA – Budapest concerts

palace of arts Budapest concerts

The Palace of Arts (‘MUPA’) is located in Pest along the Danube River near the Rákóczi Bridge. In a unique modern setting, it hosts classical concerts, jazz, operas and ballet (classical and modern) of high calibre. Note that the Great Hall (pictured above) is called ‘Room Bartók Béla’ while a smaller room is called the ‘Fesztival Színház‘ (300 seats).

For concert information classical music and tickets – click here

Address: Palace of Arts / MUPA, Komor Marcell u.1, 9th district, Pest – plan
Discover the ‘MUPA’ Palace of Arts with a beautiful video on this link.


The Matthias Church in the old town of Buda is holding classical music concerts several times a month in a unique setting with the Budapest Duna String Orchestra

Information about Matthias Church Concerts and tickets – click here

Address: Matthias Church, Szentháromság tér 2, 1st district, Buda – map



After more than 4 years of renovation, the Hungarian National Opera opens its doors on March 12, 2022! With a capacity of 1200 seats, the National Opera of Budapest inaugurated in 1884 is an iconic place of the Hungarian capital to discover absolutely by its architectural beauty and the quality of its representations!

For informations and tickets National Opera – click here

Budapest Opera House Guided Tour

Discover the second largest stage in Europe on this guided tour of the Hungarian State Opera House, a must-see on your trip to Budapest!
A tour of the Opera House of about 60 minutes starts daily at 13.30, 15.00 and 16.30 in English. Booking in advance strongly recommended.

Information Opera House Guided Tour and booking – click here 

Address of the State Opera: Andrássy út 22, 6th district, Pest – map.


Discover the art of folk dance in Hungary during a 90-minute show (including an intermission) in the unique setting of the Danube Palace in Pest in the city center. True testimony of the Hungarian heritage, the show will present the tradition of the costumes, music and dance of Hungary and its former empire. Tickets (3 categories) are also offered with pick-up service. Duration: about 90 minutes.

Duration: about 90 minutes. Folk dance show information and tickets – click here

ERKEL THEATER – Budapest concerts

budapest erkel theatre
source: wikimedia

The ERKEL theater in Pest hosts all the programming: operas, ballets and concerts. While the Erkel Theater does not have the architectural luster of its counterpart, the National Opera, it offers quality programming.

For information and tickets Theater Erkel – click here

Address: Erkel Theater, János Pál pápa tér 30, 8th round. in Pest – map

PESTI VIGADO – Budapest concerts

Vigado square

The “Pesti Vigado” concert hall is located opposite the Danube, on the edge of the Belgrade Quay Promenade on the “Vigado Ter” square. Its construction was completed in 1865 under the direction of the architect Frigyes Feszl. Classical music concerts and exhibitions are held in this prestigious building, which was declared a national monument in 1954. Tickets from 8 euros:

Pesti Vigado concert information and tickets – click here

Address: Pesti Vigado, Vigadó tér 2, 5th district, Budapest – map

You will find other operas, ballets and concerts in Budapest in our Calendar’ section where upcoming festivals and shows are listed on this link.