Hello and welcome to Budapest Travel Tips! My name is Laurent and I’d like to share with you my passion for Budapest, the superb Hungarian capital where I’ve been living for over twenty years.

On this blog, you’ll find all the tips and advice you need to visit Budapest. Discover the capital’s historic and iconic attractions, its famous thermal baths as well as its museums and restaurants, and come and vibrate to the rhythm of the extraordinary shows and concerts, not forgetting the art exhibitions, the nightlife, the shopping and much more on Budapest Travel Tips.

budapest concert

Budapest Concerts, Ballets and Opera

Budapest is a music-loving city that offers the opportunity to attend many performances of classical...
Taxi at Budapest airport

Taxi at Budapest Airport

Do you want to travel from Budapest Airport to the city center by taxi ?...
Guided tours in Budapest

Guided tours in Budapest

Visit Budapest, the pearl of the Danube, with guided tours in English to discover the...
public transport in budapest

Public Transport in Budapest

Public transport in Budapest is well developed and runs with high frequency, with the city...
Hotels in Budapest

Hotels in Budapest

The Hungarian capital has more than 200 hotels and more than 1,000 apartments or rooms...
Best ruin bars of Budapest

Budapest Nightlife – the best ruin bars

Where to go at night in Budapest? Discover the best Ruin Bars in the Hungarian capital! Real...
Gettó Gulyás restaurant

Our selection of Budapest restaurants

The Hungarian capital has become a hotbed of gastronomy: many restaurants...
hungarian food cuisine

Hungarian cuisine

Hungarian cuisine is marked by various influences, mainly those of the...


The Great Synagogue in Budapest

The Great Synagogue in Budapest

Located in the city center of Pest, the Great Synagogue of Budapest is a must visit when in the Hungarian capital. The second largest in...
Ozora Festival

OZORA Festival

The OZORA Festival is considered the best trance festival in Europe. Discover this unique event in Hungary! The first Ozora festival took place in 2004...
budapest parliament

How to visit the Parliament of Budapest

The Budapest Parliament, located in Pest along the Danube, is one of the iconic monuments of the Hungarian capital! The building was inaugurated at the...
Shopping in Budapest

Shopping in Budapest  

Want to know the best places for shopping in Budapest? As for the most popular streets, shopping malls and shops of the city, here...
budapest concert

Budapest Concerts, Ballets and Opera

Budapest is a music-loving city that offers the opportunity to attend many performances of classical music, opera and ballets of great quality. Here is...



budapest airport Hungary

Budapest airport Transfer

How to get from Budapest Airport to the city center? Several options are...


Budapest with children

for children in Budapest
Are you looking for activities for children in Budapest? The Hungarian...


Is my valid identity card enough for my flight? Yes, if you are a citizen of the European Union. You can find all the information you need to prepare for your arrival on this link.

How long does it take to get to the centre of Budapest from the airport? Approximately 35 minutes. Find out about all the transfer options (bus, shuttle, taxi, etc.) from Budapest airport on this link.

What is the cheapest transfer from the airport to the centre? Bus 100E is the cheapest transfer to take you into the city centre: information and prices on this link.

Which thermal baths in Budapest do you recommend? Find our selection of the best baths in Budapest on this link.

What is the currency in Hungary? Where should I change my money? The currency in Hungary is the forint. Change at the best rates and avoid the scams with our dedicated article on this link.

Which public transport services should I use to visit Budapest, and how much will it cost? Budapest has excellent metro, tram and bus services. All the information on public transport and other passes can be found on this link.

How long does a visit to the Hungarian Parliament last? An iconic monument in the Hungarian capital, a visit to the Parliament is a ‘must’ and lasts 30 minutes. It is only available to small groups accompanied by a guide: detailed information on this link.

What programme would you recommend for a 4-day trip? Discover our recommended itinerary per day to visit Budapest on this link.

Where to go out at night in Budapest and what are the ruin bars? We’ll help you with our selection of the best bars and clubs that liven up Budapest’s unique nightlife on this link.