You will not be bored in the Hungarian capital. But if you want to take advantage of your stay in Budapest to discover other parts of Hungary, you are ideally placed to make a number of day trips from Budapest.

Tours from Budapest

We have selected for you these different destinations in Hungary for day trips from Budapest:


Discover the picturesque village of Szentendre located 19 km from Budapest on a tour from Budapest! A small town along the Danube, its colourful facades and narrow streets in the centre give it a Mediterranean feel. Stroll through the cobbled streets to see beautiful baroque houses, many churches of different denominations and a strong community of artists and their art galleries.

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VISEGRÁD – Tours from Budapest

Visegrád, a small walled town on the right bank of the Danube, is located 50 km from Budapest. On this medieval excursion, you will explore the remains of the royal palace (residence of King Mátyás) and visit the citadel of Visegrád Castle, the city’s major attraction (video above). Finally, don’t miss the superb elevated view from the castle of the bend in the Danube!

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GÖDÖLLŐ and Sissi’s Royal Palace
Palace of Empress Sissi

Travel to Gödöllő from Budapest and visit the former summer residence of Queen Elisabeth of Austria, affectionately known as Sissi. Located 35 km east of Budapest, the Royal Palace of Gödöllő is the largest Baroque castle in Hungary!
To visit this unique Royal Palace of Empress Sissi, there are many tours which include a round trip bus transfer from Budapest:

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Lake Balaton

100 km west of Budapest you will find Europe’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Balaton. Nicknamed ‘The Hungarian Sea’, it is Hungary’s second largest tourist destination after Budapest. With a length of more than 80 km, it offers a wide range of leisure activities, including sightseeing, hiking, wine tasting, water sports and other activities. Several tours from Budapest to Lake Balaton are available:

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ESZTERGOM – Tours from Budapest

60 km from Budapest along the Danube River, discover the beautiful city of Esztergom, former capital of Hungary from the 10th to the 13th century. Its cathedral, the Esztergom Basilica, is the largest church in Hungary. Its museums, the remains of its ancient castle and a spectacular view of the Danube complete this not-to-be-missed day trip from Budapest!

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If you want to explore what Hungary was like in the past, take the one-hour trip to Hollókő. This unique Hungarian village of Hollókő, located about 100 kilometres northeast of Budapest, is listed as a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site. It is a remarkable example of a deliberately preserved traditional settlement with its 67 characteristic peasant houses from the 17th and 19th centuries, which are now protected. This village is a living example of rural life before the agricultural revolution of the 20th century. Guides in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.
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VIENNA, the imperial capital of Austria

Discover Vienna, the imperial capital of 19th century Europe, its history, from Marie Antoinette to Sissi, its monuments, its castle, its cafés and its Ferris Wheel!
Located 240 km from Budapest, reach the Austrian capital in 2 hours and explore the marvellous Vienna, its baroque architecture, its famous cafés like the Sacher, its palaces, its unique squares and markets!

Duration: 12 hours. Guides in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

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