Public holidays in Hungary

public holiday in Hungary

In order to best plan your trip to Budapest, check your dates of stay with regard to public holidays in Hungary.

Dates of Public holidays in Hungary:


  • January 1st: New Year’s Day is always a public holiday.

  • March 15th: National Day of Hungary commemorates the anniversary of the Revolution of 1848 against the Austrian Habsburg Empire.

  • Easter Monday: April 22 in 2019. This celebration in Hungary is marked by a long-time tradition: boys sprinkle perfume on young girls to bring them happiness. They receive a small gift in return, often an Easter egg or silver coin.

  • May 1st: Labor Day

  • Pentecost Monday: Monday, June 10 in 2019.

  • The 20th of August is St. Stephen’s day and a public holiday in Hungary, when the foundation of the Hungarian Christian State and its first King Saint Stephen are celebrated. Do not miss the big fireworks display at 9 pm on the Danube when many bridges and docks are closed to car traffic.

    budapest national day august 20 fireworks

  • October 23th: celebration of the Insurrection of 1956 against the totalitarian yoke of the USSR. On this public holiday, the shops are closed.

  • November 1st: All Saints Day – Friday, November 1st in 2019.
    The vast majority of businesses will be closed. Some museums will be open and others closed: check their respective websites.

  • Christmas: December 25th and 26th are public holidays in Hungary
    Many museums and shops close already on December 24th at 14:00.

  • January 1st: public holiday

    , some restaurants and shops are mostly closed on public holidays in Hungary.

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