Taxis in Budapest are numerous and subject to a strict legislative framework that applies in particular to their tariffs and obligatory yellow color. It is easy to book a taxi in Budapest or hail one in downtown, and their cost is below the average in European capitals.


All taxis in Budapest (except the ’limousine’ taxis of the luxury hotels) must apply the following tariff valid in 2024:

  • Pick-up cost: 1000 forint (≈ 2,6 €  ≈ 2,2 £ ≈ 2,7$ ).
  • Price per km400 Ft  ≈ 1.05 € ≈ 0,9 £ ≈ 1,1$.
  • At stop: cost of 100 Ft/mn  ≈0.27 € ≈ 0,2 £ ≈ 0,27$).
  • No extra cost the number of passengers or pieces of luggages.
  • No differentiated price between night and day.

The price of a Budapest taxi is the same whether you order by phone (immediate request or booking in advance) or ‘catch’ it in the street.

Most taxis accept payment in euros but they will apply a very unfavorable conversion rate and will only give back change in forint.

In general, a taxi accepts up to 4 passengers (including the person sitting next to the driver).

Tipping: If you are satisfied with the service, you usually add 10% to the price of the fare.

How to pay for a taxi in Budapest?
credit card

Most taxis in Budapest accept payment by credit card and cash.
If you want to pay by credit card, always ask when you enter the vehicle if this payment method is valid.


  • City Taxi: tel 00 36 1 2111 111
  • Taxi Tele 5: 00 36 1 3 555 555
  • FöTaxi: tel 00 36 1 222  22 22
  • Taxi Bolt: tel 00 36 1 4445154
  • 6X6 taxi:00 36 1 666 66 66
  • Taxi 4: tel 00 36 1 444 44 44
  • TaxiPlus: tel 00 36 1 888 88 88
  • Taxi 2000 : tel 00 36 1 2000 000


The Budapest taxi companies mentioned above have call centers where English-speaking operators can be reached.
You will be asked for your name, mobile number and, of course, your address (street, number, district) and often your destination address.
Do not hesitate to ask the operator in how many minutes your taxi will arrive.

On Friday and Saturday nights (18:00 to 20:00), it is recommended to book your taxi in advance, especially on event days in Budapest or  furing heavy rain…
If you are used to order taxi on Uber, then use the app of BOLT taxi company which is similar.


Uber resumed operations in Hungary on 13 June 2024.

Our advice: Download the application of the company BOLT (free app. available on Android GooglePlay and IOS AppStore, website link ). You will be able to order a taxi through the application, get an estimate cost and see exactly the time to wait for the taxi. The company BOLT (ex Taxify) has also a good quality service and each customer is asked to rate his fare on the application.

Bolt taxi Budapest

Traps – Attention – Taxis in Budapest

Some taxis, not affiliated with the companies listed above, have unconventional practices (modified counter or longer trips). When you catch a taxi in the street, always check that the logo of the company is clearly visible. If this is not the case (often just a TAXI script), avoid those that lurk in the evening around the city center.
When in doubt, start by asking for an estimate cost of the trip.


Budapest airport transfer
Budapest Airport – Taxi transfer

Taxis that pick you up at the airport or take you to the airport use the rates mentioned above.
For complete information on the airport transfer, see our article, ‘Airport Transfer City Center’ on this link.

You can also find detailled information on ‘Public transport in Budapest’ in our specific article on this link.

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