The 38th edition of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Hungary will take place in Budapest from July 19 to July 21, 2024.

The Hungaroring racing circuit, located 20 km northeast of Budapest, has hosted the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Hungary since 1986.
In 2019, about 25,000 spectators admired the victory of the Lewis Hamilton Mercedes driver.

The Budapest formula 1 Grand Prix race is also a unique opportunity to visit Budapest, one of the most beautiful European capitals!

Discover the video of the 2018 Edition of the Budapest Formula 1 Grand Prix on this link.

How to access the Hungaroring circuit ?

The 20 km journey from Budapest to the Hungaroring circuit will take between 40 and 90 minutes (It depends of course on where you stay in Budapest).

If budget is not a concern, there is a shorter means that takes less than 15 minutes by helicopter (!) from Budapest : about 193 euros per person one way, 365 euros round trip per person. More information on helicopter transfer on this link.

The most efficient way to get to the F1 Hungaroring Circuit is to order a taxi, which will take about 30-45 minutes (depending on your starting point in Budapest).
It costs about 50 € each way.  Up to 4 passengers are accepted in an usual Taxi.

If you are not afraid of more than 90-minute trip which requires at least 30 minutes of walking, you can use the Metro/Train option or take the free bus.

Here are the details on these different options:


The Metro / Train to the Hungaroring circuit will take between 1 hour and 90 minutes, depending on where you are in the city.
Be aware that the last 30 minutes are spent walking to the track.

First take the red metro line (M2) to the last station, called ‘Örs vezér tere’.
Once you have reached it, exit the station and cross at the opposite corner of the intersection, where you will find the stop, ‘Örs vezér ter’, of the suburban train, called ‘HÉV’ in Hungarian.
You will find there a large shopping center called ‘ARKAD’ where you can purchase food and water. A ticket office is present at ‘Örs vezér Ter’ stop.

The ‘HÉV’ trains only go one way from here, so you need to take the train to Gödöllő direction.
Tickets cost approximately 1.5 € each way.
You can buy your ticket before boarding or from the conductor.
The trip to the Hungaroring special stop is only used during the race weekend and takes around 30 minutes.

You can get off earlier at ‘Szilasliget’ station or stop later at ‘Mogyoród’ station (the walk to the F1 circuit is similar).
Once off the train, you proceed on foot for 35 minutes.
Taxis are also available at this stop if you do not like “this ride”.


Formula 1 Grand Prix of Hungary have free buses to the F1 circuit from the center of Budapest during the weekend of the race.
You can take the bus for free with a valid ticket for the race.

Buses leave from the station ‘Stadion autóbusz-pályaudvar.’ The nearest Metro is ‘Puskás Ferenc Stadion’ on the M2 line (red line), four stops east of the Deák Ferenc tér station (where all Metro lines meet).

The free bus takes about 45 minutes but does not actually take you to the circuit. You will be dropped off at Mogyoród (Templom tér square), a 35-minute walk from the F1 circuit.

A bus schedule will be available near the race weekend on the Hungaroring Circuit website on this link.


Budapest formula 1 Grand Prix taxis

Taxis for the Budapest formula 1 Grand Prix offer prices from the city center to the circuit of about 40 Euros from the square ‘Deák Tér’.
It costs around 60 Euros from the Budapest International Airport.

We strongly advise you to use one of the official taxi companies (see list of official taxi companies below). On the circuit, there is a taxi station next to the main entrance. Official taxis are less likely to get stuck in traffic jams near the circuit and the total trip should not last more than 30-40 minutes.

For more information on Budapest taxis (price per km, number of passengers accepted, tips, traps, etc.), consult our dedicated article on ‘Budapest taxis’ on this link.

Official Taxi Companies of the Hungarian Grand Prix Formula 1:

TaxiPlus: tel +36 1 888 8888
6 x 6 Taxi: tel +36 1 666 6666
City Taxi: tel +36 1 211 1111


The Budapest Formula 1 Circuit is located off the M3 motorway heading northeast from Budapest. You will need a sticker to use the highway. A weekly subscription costs around € 10 and can be bought at petrol stations (Beware that the alcohol limit is 0% for driving in Hungary and is strictly enforced).

The journey from the center of Budapest should take only about 25 minutes, but be prepared to face some traffic jams when leaving the circuit on Saturday and Sunday.

Parking is free for Budapest formula 1 Grand Prix ticket holders.
Check the map on this link to learn the circuit access routes and parking spaces.

Note: If you have purchased a minimum of 4 Super Gold tickets, you have the right to park in a special parking area near your grandstand.

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The week of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Hungary is one of the busiest weeks of the year due to the number of tourists on Budapest.
We therefore recommend that you book your accommodations in advance as the majority of hotels, campsites and Airbnb-type accommodations will be full during the Budapest F1 Grand Prix weekend.

In the vicinity of the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix Circuit there are several campsites: you will find information and prices on this link.

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