Are you planning a stag party and considering coming to Budapest for it?
Is the Hungarian capital suitable for a bachelor party?
What original stag activities are offered here? Does it make sense to plan your stag party through an agency?

We have lived in Budapest for 25 years and have seen the city become an increasingly popular destination for stag parties.
We don’t have any cooperation with stag party agencies, our recommendations are purely based on experiences and reviews from visitors to this beautiful city.
Here are our tips for your stag party in Budapest:

Budapest, the ideal destination for your JGA?

The beautiful Hungarian capital has almost 2 million inhabitants.
The city is a popular destination for stag parties as it has undeniable advantages for this type of activity:

  • an easily accessible destination in Europe (no visa needed, the identity card alone is sufficient to enter the country).
  • many European cities offer regular flights to Budapest.
  • a magnificent capital with many sights in the city centre of Pest and along the Danube on the Buda side.
  • two ‘local attractions’ that are guaranteed to stick in their memory: the ruin bars and the Budapest baths.
  • a visitor-friendly city where they don’t have to worry about their safety. The city also has two other unbeatable features:
  • a party-friendly city with an exceptional nightlife in the city centre and the 7th district, where the ruin bars are located (read also our article on “the best ruin bars in Budapest” at this link).
  • reasonable prices, a lot cheaper than in other capitals in Western Europe (free entrance to most ruin bars, the cost of drinks and taxis, for example, is only half as much).Nevertheless, Budapest also has some “peculiarities” that should be taken into account when organising a stag party in Budapest: the Hungarian currency is Forint and not Euro, the main language is Hungarian, English or even German is not spoken by everyone here.

Organising a stag party in Budapest – with or without an agency?

Our first recommendation would be to book an agency, as they have plenty of experience in organising a stag party or stag weekend in Budapest.
Indeed, a successful Stag Do involves numerous activities that need to be organised. When it comes to accommodation and the various activities, many providers are involved.

However, if one of the participants of your stag party in Budapest agrees to take over the organisation and the role of coordinator during the weekend, it is possible to organise the stag party in Budapest on your own.
This is certainly the cheaper choice, but it also increases the risk of bad decisions.

A compromise can be to request a quote from different bachelor party agencies and after comparing them, organise some activities such as accommodation, catering or travel in Hungary on your own. Budapest offers many accommodation options (hotels, hostels, many Airbnb accommodations, etc.).

However, as a basic rule, the earlier you book your flight ticket and accommodation, the cheaper it is (for groups this can be a bit difficult).

If you decide to leave the organisation in the hands of an agency, you are definitely on the safe side. The agencies have gained a lot of experience over the years, have built up a network of contacts and know how to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Negative comments about these agencies will always be found, but we would still recommend an agency if you don’t want to organise your bachelor party yourself and want to have a weekend without any nasty surprises (see also the list of stag party agencies in the section below).

Original activities – stag party in Budapest

There are hundreds of Stag Do activities in Budapest, we have selected some that are typical for Budapest:

  • The baths of Budapest: After a night of partying, there is nothing better than relaxing and regaining your strength in the thermal baths. Our favourite is the Széchenyi bath with its imposing baroque architecture (more information in our article ‘the best thermal baths in Budapest’ at this link).
    Budapest baths Szechenyi
    the Széchenyi bath in Budapest.

    BeerSpa (45 minutes) + Széchenyi ticket (full day)

    Budapest beer spa
    Beer spa

Discover the BeerSpa: relax for 45 minutes in the 36-degree thermal water enriched with malt, hops and yeast. At the same time, you can drink as many beers as you like thanks to the taps on the side of the barrels! (High quality craft beer with 4% alcohol). You can also enjoy an entrance to the Széchenyi Bath before or after the BeerSpa for as long as you like:

BeerSpa information + entrance to Széchenyi Bath, tickets – click here.

  • Introduction to shooting with firearms: Test different weapons during a half-day event (transfer included).
  • Driving a tank: with the help of an instructor, the bride/groom learns how to drive a tank.
  • Bubble – football: each player slips into an inflatable, transparent ball. Two teams of 5 players each are formed and then compete against each other on a mini football pitch.
  • Escape Room: Budapest is the European capital of Escape Rooms! The principle: You are locked in a room and have one hour to free yourself from it by solving various puzzles. Each room has room for 2-8 people, but several teams can participate in several rooms at the same time.
  • A cruise on the Danube: To see the city from a new perspective, we recommend a cruise on the Danube. Extra: a private boat for a round trip of 30 min or one hour.
  • A tour of Budapest’s ruin bars: an absolute must during your visit to Budapest, entry is free. Attention: after 9pm there can be long queues at the entrances. You can avoid the queue if you hire an agency for your trip.

Throughout the year (except January), every Saturday evening from 22:30 t, the Széchenyi baths host a Spa Party called SPARTY in a unique setting. Dj’s, laser show and dancers will amaze and provide a unique night!

Information SPARTY and Tickets – click here 

Discover the video of the Sparty parties:

Budapest has quite a few more activities to offer for a stag party, such as a city tour in a Trabant, a hike through the caves, demolition of a car, tastings of wine and spirits, a disco bus tour, beer spa, indoor skydiving, indoor and outdoor paintball, and many more.

Stag party in Budapest – agencies

We have listed four stag party agencies in Budapest according to the following criteria: Experience, Activities Offered, Website Content and Reviews.
As we do not have any cooperation with these agencies, we can give a subjective recommendation.

MAXIMISE by Crazy-voyages

Operating in Europe since 2010, the (French) agency Crazy EVG and its partner MAXIMISE has a great know-how and a good reputation. They offers 100 Stag Do activities in Budapest, tailor-made programmes of up to 3 offers per person on request and an organiser at your disposal throughout the weekend. The Maximise website can be found at this link:


Pissup is a Scandinavian company that has been organising Stag parties all over Europe for more than 15 years. They offer 62 activities in Budapest, led by a team of local guides. You can choose to book your stag weekend in a ready-made package, or put together your own activities. The official Pissup website can be found at this link:


The Stag Company HQ is located in the city of Brighton. This brit agency hasover 15 years of experience in creating stag weekends. They provide one-to-one service from an experienced Event Planner who will be there to guide you through the whole process, making it as easy and stress-free as possible.

The website of The Stag Company agency can be found at this link:

STAGMADNESS – Stag party in Budapest

Stagmadness has been organising stag parties for more than 15 years. More than 100 stag do activities are offered in Budapest. You can request a free quote within 24 hours. Read also the comments on the official website:

Ready for your stag party in Budapest ?
For this, also read our article ‘Top sights in Budapest’ on this link as well as our ‘Budapest Travel tips‘ at this link.

See you soon in Budapest!